Scientific Research and International Collaboration Unit

KKU Alfara

image Mission

To successfully achieve the Computer Science Program and King Khalid University Vision, the Research Unit mission is to provide high-quality trainings and support to both staff and students in research and innovation. 


image Objectives

To provide a suitable and motivating research environment, facilitate multi-disciplinary research excellence and encourage the broader involvement of faculties, staff, and students in research activities 


image Goals

  1. To create an attractive research environment for faculty and students.
  2. To Share innovative research ideas among staff and students.
  3. To establish various research groups based on similar interests.
  4. To aware the faculties from university and others local research grants
  5. To conduct various research seminars, workshop for both staff and students
  6. To implement the University research policies in all computer sciences branches
  7. To motivate the staff in participation in the University Research Day
  8. To establish Research Coordination with sub computer science campuses.