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  Considering the rapid changes in the technology trends, the College of Computer Science, King Khalid University, is determined to nurture new talents and create developers and engineers who can develop excellent sustainable technologies for an effective automatic environment.  Our mission is to ‘Encourage distinguished research work through creating an attractive and stimulating environment to achieve goals of the College, University and as well as the Society, in order to contribute to developing and improving our country’s future plans. The world is changing rapidly, and it is facing challenges in many areas, such as energy, water, food, health, and the environment. Challenges that create opportunities, engineers are best to develop a process with an innovative approach to tackle these challenges for a better and sustainable world.

Dean of Computer Science College

Dr. Areej Alasiry


Dr. Areej Alasiry

College Dean, Algaraa Office  1/2/131. Email:

Dr. Ayman Qahmash 

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Development, Algaraa Office  1/2/93. Email:

Dr. Areej Alasiry 

Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, Algaraa Office  1/2/144. Email:

Dr. Sara Abu Ghazalah 

Vice Dean for Female Students' Affairs, Guraiger, Office 2/3/4. Email: