Success Story


Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions

I'm Shaima Al-Asiri(Computer Science Dept.), and I'll be sharing with you our success story, me and my team (Maram Al-Qahtani from Cybersecurity Department and Remaz Al-Ghamdi from Informatics and Computer Systems Department along with Shaima Al-Qurabi from Business Administration Dept.), when we presented "Magic Eye" at the "Worldinvent2023" exhibition in Singapore. We showcased it with pride and explained the significant benefits it provides in enhancing student performance. We attracted the attention of the audience and piqued their interest thanks to the innovative technologies we utilized.

After being honored with the silver medal in Singapore, we decided to continue our journey towards success and excellence. The Ministry of Education nominated us to represent King Khalid University in the participation in the Geneva International Exhibition, one of the most important and prestigious exhibitions in the world. We made improvements to the project and presented it innovatively to the visitors. We received the attention of the judges and were honored with the silver medal and 8 special awards from several countries, including: 1- Gold medal and Best Invention Award from Thailand. 2- Excellence and Merit Award from the Philippines. 3- Gold medal from Paris. 4- Innovation Award from Malaysia. 5- Distinguished Innovation Award from Morocco. 6- Honorary Award from China. 7- Distinguished Innovation Award from Peru. 8- Award from the Korean Intellectual Property Organization. This achievement means a lot to us and encourages us to continue our work.