Success Story


College of Computer Science students achieve advanced positions in the Artificial Intelligence Artathon Challenge, second edition 2.0

The representative of the university participated in the Artathon World Artificial Intelligence 2021 competition drawing.  After the end of the first stage of the challenge, computer engineering student Ibrahem Elnawasany and the vibration team managed to win the title of the top 20 participating teams in the challenge among more than 500 participating teams from around the world, and qualified for the second stage of the camp, in addition to the computer engineering student Ahmed Sami who won with his team AlReflections named the top 50 participating teams out of more than 500 teams

 Interactive Art Path

To talk more about their participation and their achievement, computer department student Ibrahem Elnawasany talked about his team’s path: Our team’s path was interactive art, a dynamic form of art that responds to the audience or the environment, meaning that it is the medium that gives the audience the experience of accessing the artwork; To share with the artist the spirit of creativity that is the essence of interactive art, and also to have the reason for choosing interactive art is considered one of the most important modern currents in art; Because it seeks to convey a deep message in people, and to penetrate into their conscience.

 Ideas started and filtered, the idea started at the beginning of the first stage, we started at the beginning of the idea, we started thinking about its technical character by starting with the hard, and finally it started with its artistic nature interactive.

 Creative thinking

Speaking about his team’s qualification, he said: My expectations for my team are very high, due to the team’s highly skilled, technical and technical capabilities, and the essence of what distinguishes the team is the high ceiling of creative thinking, and added: “We are currently in the midst of harnessing our project to work in airports, commercial and tourist places. ".

Artistic Passion

Al-Nosani revealed that technical skills have a major role in determining the field of competition, stressing from the reality of his experience and experience that artistic passion is the essence of work, saying: "If you are passionate in an artistic field, you will definitely acquire his technical skills accordingly."

Indescribable feeling

He concluded by saying: I am proud of my qualification for the second stage and my participation in an international forum such as the Artathon, which is an indescribable feeling, and the Saudi Vision 2030 had a great moral motivation to achieve more achievements and participate in international forums, and gave me a future outlook to achieve more achievements.

Interactive Art Model

For his part, the student in the Department of Computer Engineering, Ahmed Sami, who participated in the artathon for 4 days with the team consisting of two Al-Arajaj developers, along with his colleague Rozan and Fatima, spoke to us. It reads the images and movements, the human hand that makes it and its size on a 3D model so that the model moves with the same movement that the human body moves. Typical movements of typical movements, and we are now working on developing the basic model in the agenda.

Continuous Work

He added, "Acquiring the title of the 50 best teams participating in the challenge, was never easy. We worked for 4 continuous days until very late at night, and we came back and completed, and we faced many problems and challenges, but thanks to God and then with the cooperation of all team members, and with the help of a team The mentors were able to qualify and get this title, which means a lot to us, and we are currently working on developing a great idea to participate in the third edition of the Artathon AI Challenge.

Experience and information

 And about what he achieved through his participation in the challenge that brought together artists, data experts and artificial intelligence of different nationalities, he said, "I really do not hide from the huge amount of experiences that I gained, yes it is a short period, but everyone I met in this challenge benefited from at least information, and almost I am certain that the huge amount of information I gained in 4 days has fundamentally changed the way I think, so I always advise my fellow male and female students to benefit from the experiences of those around you, regardless of their age groups.”

 Artificial intelligence and art

And about the possibility of changing the form of art as a result of the use of artificial intelligence techniques in its manufacture, he said, “We cannot be certain that artificial intelligence will change art, but we can say that advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and its algorithms, developed by humans in the first place, will contribute significantly to the formation of new, innovative and unconventional arts. It shows another side of creativity, visual art."

Journey to the Artathon

 Regarding the process of selecting candidates for participation, it was revealed that the applicant goes through two stages until he obtains the final acceptance: the stage of registration and then the stage of personal interviews, after which he obtains the final acceptance if he meets the conditions and criteria for participation, including having technical expertise if you register as a technical developer, or Possess arts skills if the applicant registers as an artist.

Feelings of Pride

He concluded his speech, expressing his happiness to participate, noting that during the participation he felt indescribable feelings of pride, and said, "First of all, as a representative of my dear country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then to the Asir region, and King Khalid University in front of participants from different countries of the world, and this pride motivated me greatly to work hard. Through the challenge, and the pursuit of advanced results we are all proud of.