University Computer Science Students Come in Second Place

king Khalid University - Media Center

Students from the College of Computer Science at King Khalid University came in  second place  in the "Capture the Knowledge “ competition which was  organized by Taif University as part of  the 4th National Conference For Computer Sciences in Saudi universities.

The Dean of the College of Computer Science, Dr. Ali Al Karoui, praised the students achievement, stressing that the college is proud of its students  and their accomplishments 

and adding that the College of Computer Science supports and encourages  all students to work towards reaching their potential,  promising to provide the necessary support to the college students  in all activities and projects.  

The leader of the team, head of the Cyber Security Club at the College of Computer Science, Enad Al-Otaibi, expressed his happiness on winning second place, 

 stressing that the team’s  participation in the challenge was a great experience. It's worth noting that the team included: Enad Al-Otaibi, Abdullah Al-Shehri, Majid Asiri and Faisal Al Shahrani and that the  competition challenge lasted for 8 hours straight to solve 10 challenges in multiple domains.

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