Success Story


WorldInvent 22+23 Singapore: Gold medal

                                                                                            I Mona Hasan Mashta am sharing with you my success story from several previous attempts to learn and develop technologies, as the story began since the beginning of Vision 2030 to transform the kingdom's cities into smart cities by achieving the goals of the National Transformation Program, so my idea went to devise a system that works in a new and smart way to monitor risk management processes. Where she won the first international gold medal at the worldlnvent competition 22-23 by inventing a Fire Hawk drone by creating an integrated system of a smart drone using artificial intelligence technologies and thermal cameras installed in smart boxes placed in specific areas, in case of emergency, she sets off to survey areas, identify places, health conditions of detainees and their identities to send real-time sequential reports to the operations center to inform him of the details of the incident to guide the appropriate team. Upon completion of the operation, the aircraft returns to its normal position inside the smart box under the supervision of the operations center. This innovation not only achieves the goals of national transformation, but also achieves the goal of getting the golden watch with the least time and effort.