Success Story


WorldInvent competition 22-23

At the outset, this journey posed a fresh challenge for us, four ambitious students from King Khalid University Shaima Alqurbi, Maram AlQahtani, Remaz Alghamdi, Shaima Alasiri. We participated in the Artificial Intelligence in Eduthon hackathon, organized by King Khalid University in collaboration with SDAIA. The beginning held promise, but we were in search of a robust project idea. Ideas flowed in, yet selecting the path of intelligent assessment was a prudent choice. We embarked on developing a tool that harnessed artificial intelligence techniques to scan eye expressions with the aim of gauging levels of concentration and attention among students within the classroom. Fortunately, we secured the second place in the hackathon, and this achievement aligned perfectly with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 to enhance the quality of education. Our endeavor was marked by diligence and unwavering dedication to refining this smart tool. Such an achievement wouldn't have been possible without the invaluable support and encouragement bestowed upon us by our university and the Creativity, giftedness and Entrepreneurship center .The journey was lengthy and fraught with challenges, yet hope never left our side. Then came the moment to represent our nation on the global stage at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition in Singapore. It presented a wholly new challenge, yet we confronted it with determination and resolve. Thanks to our collective efforts and boundless creativity, we secured the silver medal and claimed second place on a worldwide scale. This story underscores how Saudi youth can wield a positive influence over the future of education and innovation, and how even the simplest ideas can contribute to the realization of an esteemed national vision, such as Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.