Success Story


Eng. Saeed Turki Alwadie: First in the world FETHABOT

The story began when Prince Mohammed bin Salman, may God protect him, appeared on one of the channels talking about Vision 2030 and its importance. I started thinking and searching for projects in building and manufacturing robots, and because I specialize in computer engineering, I have previous experience in the robot building industry, knowing that it is not the first robot that I have built and manufactured, and I also have an international professional certificate. Certified by several international organizations, including: Full Stack Robotics Engineer I came up with several projects, including the FETHABOT project, in which I won the gold medal and first place in the world in the WorldInvent competition, the global competition for innovations and inventions for the years 22-23, and I also won a special award, which is the best creative presentation in the world. FETHABOT robot It is an indoor robot that helps visitors find their destination inside the building. Using the LiDAR sensor, the building is scanned and the building plan is saved. The robot navigates the building using the SLAM algorithm and controller. Once the visitor chooses his destination, the controller will navigate the robot inside the building to reach the desired destination. Meanwhile, visitors can interact with the bot, where chatGPT is used to answer visitors' questions and inquiries. Visitors can interact with the robot via the installed touch screen or by speaking directly to the robot, which uses voice recognition algorithms. Furthermore, the robot uses an object detection algorithm to identify objects in its paths. Once the destination is reached, the robot will return to its starting point in the building.