Success Story


Eng. Ahmad Sami, Excellence Award Winner

King Khalid University has always been keen on attracting international students, and providing the suitable environment for them, to help contribute to their educational journey and professional lives, and  shape role models the represent the  university  internationally.
Ahmed Sami, a student from Egypt, is among the university's top students who recently received recognition for winning 1st place in the 8th edition of the university's Excellence Award - student branch.
Ahmed Sami graduated from the College of Computer Science, on top of his class with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.
Ahmed Sami's connection with King Khalid University is unique; he is  strongly loyal. He is the founder and leader of the College's Artificial Intelligence Club. He is a passionate individual who works with sincerity and perfection. Further, he loves technology, scientific research, and innovation, and said " I have a strong desire to improve the education infrastructure and leave a positive impact on its development". When it comes to his interests , he said: " I am interested in AI engineering techniques and the Internet of Things", he  aims  to translate his interests to improving the quality of human life.
During his five years in King Khalid University he had a significant impact through his numerous contributions, which were reflected in a number of participations, most notable of which was his graduation project, which was represented in an intelligent system for using drones to report accidents using AI technology. He also participated in the implementation of strategies to transport thousands of pilgrims through the Holy Sites train stations in Makkah during the Hajj season for the years 1440–1443 and contributed to the training of more than 25,000 students at more than 27 universities within and outside the Kingdom. He also worked to train more than 60 students in the development of 43 web applications in the Tuwaiq Youth Camp, which was held at the university, in addition to earning certificates in a number of tech-related fields, including artificial intelligence (AI) and information security.
Ahmed expressed his gratitude to His Excellency the University President for his unending support to the university's students and his interest in their academic performance. He also extends his thanks to the College of Computer Science's Dean and all of his professors for their assistance.
Ahmed Sami adds, "During my academic career in the field of computer engineering at the college, I went through many wonderful experiences that I am certain to have completely changed my personality",  he praised the academic and scientific competitions provided by the university, which would play a part in making the student productive and a great university representative in international events.
He added that he is proud of the academic excellence, which the university has provided him and his colleagues with in local and international educational events, he couraged students to be competitive in the academic scene.
Ahmed Sami stresses that knowledge is power, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a high standard of attention, consistency, and adherence as well as expanding knowledge's horizons beyond the four walls of the classroom.
King Khalid University is proud of its students' growth in their capacity for brilliance and creativity, as well as the positive influence they always have.