Vision, Mission, and Goals

College of Computer Sciences Vision is "The accomplishment of global pioneering and to be distinguished in the advancement of education, research and society development in the fields of computer science and engineering"

College of Computer Sciences mission is " To provide high quality education and the needed requirements for research and innovation to produce graduates with high professional competence in the field of computer science and engineering and technical participation in community service"

  1. Mutual Respect
  2. Integrity
  3. Seriousness
  4. Justice
  5. Collaborative Work

  1. Developing strategies to improve curricula in the light of technical and professional development.
  2. Creating opportunities for students to gain and discover information that is applicable in the field of scientific research on theoretical and practical levels.
  3. Reaching an excellent level of knowledge and scientific research to serve all segments of society.
  4. Developing academic levels through linking curricula with technology.
  5. Serving all segments of the community technically and knowledgeably, in space and time, through modern methods of education such as distance learning and e-learning.
  6. Expanding opportunities and education methods to develop skills and build knowledge in order to solve many technical problems.
  7. Stimulating the ethics of the profession and the self- growth of students and college members through information technology.