New Students Meeting

In the presence of Vice-Dean and the heads of departments and units and registrar, college of computer Science - represented by Guidance and Academic Advising unit -  held a new students meeting. After Welcoming the students receiving the booklets,  . Mr. Mahmood Khattab gave a welcome speech and a brief about the college followed by the vice-dean's word on 11:05p.m.. After that, Mr. Mohammad Abdulatti talks about the labs unit then Academic advising and guidance unit by Mr. Mohammad Aljaieed followed by registrar's speech. After that, there was an open discussion to hear from the students and solve their issues. In the conclusion, the computer club leader, Mohammad Alshahrani, gave a word then registration forms was distributed followed by having lunch break.  

Computer Science college participates in the second National Computing Colleges Conference

In a remarkable delegation coped by the honorable dean, College of Computer Science has participated in the second National Conference of Computing and Information Colleges; which took place in Hail University Feb.22 through Feb.23, 2017. The conference was mainly meant to exchange expertise in associated educational and research issues. As part of the event, some research projects were viewed by people of expertise as they shared their concerns about multiple issues and developments, and how they should make use of opportunities in our scientific field. The conference has also included a programming competition for both male and female students, the thing which has reflected on enhancing the whole event this year. There was also a valuable paper presented by Dr.Arshi Naim from the female section of our college about engaging students in the education of Blended learning. Finally, the conference was concluded by announcing winners of the programming contest.