The College Celebrates and Honors its Departing Members

The Faculty of Computer Science represented by the Committee of Relations and Media held a farewell party for the departing faculty members on Wednesday, 24/5/2017, conciliator 28/8/1438 AH. The ceremony was opened by the head of the Committee, Mr. Mohammed Mobasher. Then it was followed by a speech presented by the Dean, HE Dr. Nasser Tairan, in which he thanked the attendees and leaving members on their efforts on behalves of the college and university administration. Then, at 12:30 pm, all attendees went to lunch at Faculty university Restaurant. The Media Committee thanks HE college dean for his continuous support and the management of food and nutrition for the proper hospitality and university relations for the souvenirs and all the attendees for their interaction and all who contributed to the success of this brief ceremony.