Program Overview

The information systems is an important discipline to produce specialists and leaders in making the KSA a knowledge economy through the use of  latest developments in the fields of data science, information systems security, enterprise architecture, health informatics etc. This program is designed in alignment with the above stated aims at preparing students for future labor market needs by providing them with the high quality knowledge of the state of the art skills and techniques and enabling them to conduct high quality research, innovation and community service. 
  • Recall the concepts related to major information systems areas including data science, computer networks, and cyber security.
  • Demonstrate communication and interpersonal skills to translate technical information in order to align computer information systems and tools with stakeholders’ goals.
  • Plan, design and implement information systems solutions for real-world problems pertaining to various application domains using modern techniques.
  • Analyze technical aspects of information systems projects and apply appropriate strategies to meet stakeholders’ needs.
  • Appraise emerging technologies, and recognize the need for and an ability to engage in continued professional development.
  • Demonstrate ethical conduct and appropriate social and behavioral skills and professional responsibility.
  • Propose, appraise and publish innovative ideas in quest of having a positive impact on societies.
  • Data Science
  • Information Systems Security
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Health Informatics
[No. of courses] Core Courses
[No. of courses] Elective Courses

Two Years (4 Semesters)