Vision, Mission, Goals and Values

To be a leading research University, Research Unit will actively contribute to the generation and dissemination of new knowledge and the enhancement of the quality of life.
Encourage distinguished research work through the creation of an attractive and stimulating environment to achieve goals of the College, University and as well as the Society.
In pursuing the policy, Research Unit seeks to:
  1. Encourage research, authorship and publishing at the University.
  2. Follow up the strategic plan of national development particularly in areas of scientific research.
  3. Conduct research and studies that are aiming at achieving the goals of building a knowledge-based society.
  4. Encourage faculty members and other researchers conducting innovative scientific research. 
  5. Develop the research skills of its researchers.
  6. Continually improve the quality of its research monitoring and output.
  7. Provide quality learning and research opportunities and resources. Promote good research practice and conduct.
  8. Develop cooperation with local and international centers of research.
  9. Provide a motivated and supportive research environment for faculty and researchers, and supervise the activities that encourage it.
  10. Supervise the activities of scientific research and implement rules that govern it.
  11. Encourage accomplishing research groups among faculty with participation of graduate students.
  • Research Unit is committed to treating each other, our process partners and others we work with, as valued colleagues, guided by open communication, collaboration, partnership, integrity and respect in order to achieve our common goals.
  • Research Unit believes that our employees are our most valuable asset and we strive to recognize the dedication, expertise, hard work and creativity among members of our Unit and Research Community.
  • Research Unitis committed to providing a culture of continuous learning for all OR staff and the campus at large to foster a high level of expertise and provide the tools necessary for high performance.
  • Research Unit support a work/life balance for all the employees in our organization.
  • Research Unit encourage innovation, reflective thinking, flexibility and adaptability in our approaches to our work, in alignment with our mission to create client-centered services.
  • Research Unit make our decisions with openness and honesty, and to enhance the value of the organization.
  • Research Unit promote responsible research practices in alignment with ethical principles and compliance regulations.
  • Research Unit encourage and promote open communication both within the Research Unit and with process partners and all our campus.
  • Research Unit build strong relationships with existing and potential sponsors.
  • Research Unit join the research society in communicating the benefits of research to the state community, the nation and the world.
  • Research Unit values and welcomes a diversity of staff, as anunit that is enriched by a multitude of perspectives and experiences.
  • Research Unit is committed to develop a range of resources and strategies designed to provide the highest level of quality services possible to the research community that positions the CS & KKU research program for a successful future.
  • Research Unit perceive our role in the future of the KKU as making it easier for researchers to carry out their research by being responsive, proactive and innovative
  • Research Unit is committed to support the research effort at the CS & KKU, balancing service and compliance in a mutually beneficial approach.