Saudi Arabia is undergoing a myriad of transformations in the field of research and innovation in higher education. Globalization has resulted in increased mobility, collaboration and a revolutionary change in the way we teach and learn. Institutions of higher learning in Saudi Arabia are all (eventually) expected to teach well, provide excellent consultancy, conduct world-class research and be financially sustainable. Researchers and post-graduate students through the Centers of Excellence in a University are increasingly expected to undertake multi-disciplinary research, which is internationally cited, have high impact and contribute to the nation’s productivity.
Saudi Arabia’s future economic wellbeing and its ability to break out of the middle income trap it finds itself in depends very much on its success in transforming its economy into an innovation-led one. This is by no means an easy task, research has taken a backseat for many years and it is only now that significant amounts of funds are being made available for research. Global Warming, Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine, Energy and Water Safety, Food Adequacy, Advanced and Value - Added Manufacturing and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have been identified as strategic niche areas, which the country needs to focus on. Recently KKU has drawn up new strategies and action plans to push forward its research agenda and make it a truly world class research University. The research culture is now beginning to take root in KKU. This culture still needs to be nurtured but the signs for the future are good. There is no other way but to move the research agenda quickly forward and the KKU community knows this. As KSA’s premier Research University, KKU will have even more research activities, collaboration, partnerships and engagements with the other Universities and industry locally and abroad to share and capitalize on leading-edge research carried out by its researchers.  Enhanced collaboration amongst the region's research universities and industry can lead to thriving networks for research innovation, commercialization and sharing of results on the next generation renewable energy technology, climate change, ocean science and health sciences.  KKU’s role in leading Kingdom research and innovation will be its everlasting contribution to Malaysia’s New Economic Model and the coveted developed country status. The question is not whether KKU can lift research and innovation to be truly world class but when and how quickly this will happen. Which brings us to the College of Computer Science Research Unit website. The CS Research Unit website aims to disseminate information to existing and potential researchers, stakeholders and the community at large.  By exploring through its pages, one will be enlightened with current information on CS research activities, expertise, infrastructure and services. 
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