Funded Research Projects


List of Research Projects Funded in 2015-2018

  1. Design and Implementation of Digital Moving Target Indication (DMTI) Filter
  2. GPR data Processing by Wavelet Transform for Pavement Systems.
  3. Design and implementation of a smart system to recognize the Arabic sign language to help the deaf.
  4. Novel Hardware/Software Architecture for a Wavelet based t+2D Video Coding.
  5. Detection and classification of medical images based on modern embedded technologies.
  6. DNA Methylation and Cancer: A Feature Computational Analysis
  7. User Preferences and Personality Traits for Enhancing Cross-Domain Recommender System.
  8. Design and Implementation of  Mine Sweeper Robot 
  9. Radiology and Machine learning "Detection of Dental Caries in Digital Radiographs Using Machine Learning"
  10. Rugae and Probability "Development of a Biometric Identification System using Palatal Rugae Pattern"