Unit Equipments

The Academic Student Affairs Unit is equipped with the latest technical and office equipment to ensure that all services related to the unit are provided with ease, quality and accuracy so as to guarantee the quality of the educational process and to have the satisfaction of students and beneficiaries. The unit contains the following:
  1. Location of the unit
    A large hall (38/3/A) was chosen and intended to accommodate a large number of students.
  2. Offices of the Unit Members
    It includes four private offices with full equipment such as office, drawer unit, wheel bar, computer, printer, telephone, stapler and paper shredder, and folders in addition to the number of two fixed chairs for each office to receive student inquiries.
  3. Student Devices
    The unit consists of five offices equipped with the latest computers, on which the electronic program has been installed, and the participation of these devices with a fast laser printer to print students' applications, in addition to five wheelchairs. A copy of the instructions for accepting excuses and steps to provide an excuse is also installed on each office.
  4. Electronic Display and Computer
    A connected computer is assigned to the electronic display outside the unit, to display all of the unit's advertisements and instructions.
  5. Photocopy Paper
    There is a photocopy machine in the case of students wishing to submit a copy of the attachments with their own requests, or in case they wish to take a copy of the decision of the relevant committees.
  6. Large Table (Bank)
    A large table (bank) is equipped with a paper cutter, stapler, scraper, and filing cabinet.
  7. Water Cooler
    Water cooler will benefit the members and all the students who attend the unit to submit their applications.


Offices of the Unit Members Student Devices Electronic Display 
Photocopy Paper Large Table  Water Cooler