E - Services Program

►Definition of the Program

In the context of the interest given by the College of Computer Science at King Khalid University to develop the working environment within the Academic Student Affairs Unit to keep abreast of the latest technological developments, achieve high rates of accuracy and speed of the work completion, an electronic program has been developed to allow the processing of requests from students, the absence of lectures or absences in the semester exams, or the receipt of requests for academic movements for students (delete the course or semester, and remove the deprivation, and Re-enrollment, and request an additional opportunity, final excuses, and others). Where the program sends e-mail to students and course teachers with or without approval.

►Program Functions
  1. General settings for the program (for the unit)
    • Add a college and a department to teach courses.
    • Add a new faculty member.
    • Add a new curriculum and a new department.
    • Add and modify email unit.
  2. Student Services
    • Submit a request to drop the absence of lectures and convert it to the absence of excuse.
    • Submit a request for a semester exams to perform a makeup exams, whether theoretical or practical.
    • To submit a request for academic movements to students as follows:
      • Submit a request for removing the deprivation of courses.
      • Submit a request for dropping course.
      • Submit a request for dropping semester.
      • Submit a request for re-enrollment.
      • Submit a request for additional opportunities.
      • Submit a request for final exam excuses for makeup exam.
    • Query about the status of the request submitted by the student.
  3. Operations (for the unit)
    • Add the decision of the competent committee to students' requests whether approval or not.
    • Print reports of students' applications.
    • Print reports of numbers and statistics.