Rules and Regulations

►Instructions for Excused Absence Request for a Lecture or a Makeup Exam
The study and exam list identified 20% for allowed unexcused absence of emergency conditions that might be exposed to the student and cannot provide an excuse.
►In the case of student desire to provide an excuse for an absence in the range of 20%, the student must follow the following:
  • The student must (by him or his representative) submit a request to provide a convincing and documented excuse prevents the student from attending lectures theoretical or practical for the Unit of academic Student Affairs.
  • The excuse must be submitted to the excuses committee, print the letter of referral of the university and provide the committee with a copy of it with the request within seven (7) days of the absence, and then review of the concerned authority to issue the official report and submit it to the excuses committee within four (4) weeks and no accept for any excuse afterwards.
  • Absences are converted to excused absence in case of accepting the excuse.
►Acceptable excuses in case the absence for a lecture
The Excuses which are accepted by the university and college, and against which gives the student absence excused or make up exam include the following:
  • Disease Excuse, provided that a special medical report, and must provide the following:
    • Having Deanship of Student Affairs Referral with number and date
    • the report is certified by
      • Government hospital
      • or private hospital
      • or university medical services
      • Otherwise Medical scene or medical reports issued by the center or a special clinic are not accepted.
  • The death of a family member of the first class, and a maximum of three days (Father - Mother - Brother - Sister - Son – Daughter – (Grandfather and grandmother from the father and mother side and to prove the relationship of kinship))
  • A traffic accident resulting in injuries to prevent movement, and the student must deliver the medical report and accident report (by the student / applicant or his representative)
  • Suspension or imprisonment, and the student should ask to inform the university by a letter to the college which he belongs.
  • Firm appointments from the official bodies (certified court sessions of a judges or notaries, or hospitals outside the region dates, etc.)
  • Personal and family Force Majeure Event and emergency, and these cases appreciate by the dedicated faculty committee.