Important Instructions

Instructions and Important Dates
  • Print referral to the request of the excuse from the KKU website (Shamel for students) or Deanship of Student Affairs and review of the concerned authority, such as a hospital, traffic, and others within 7 days from the date of absence and provide the unit with a copy of it with the request.
  • You must bring an excuse from the concerned authority within 4 weeks of the date of absence only and will not accept any excuse to exceed it.
  • The Committee will not accept any kind of excuses without the referral number and date.
Instructions to Provide Acceptable Excuses
  • Students are allowed to submit the official excuse if they are absent from theoretical or practical lectures and exams.
  • The deadline of Submitting excuses for lectures or exams at the end of the week preceding the general preparation exam.
  • Excuse issue date should be within two weeks of the absence date otherwise will not be considered.
  • Please refer the process and list of possible acceptable excuses as per regulations.
►Steps to Submit Excuses
  • You can submit the excuse during the specified hours of work and mentioned on advertising screen in the Unit of academic Student Affairs, and get a receipt after filling the application form.
  • You must fill all data accurately on the electronic services program of the unit.
  • The unit will not accept any revision to the student without a receipt.
  • An email will be sent to the student for accepting or rejecting the excuse through the Unit of academic Student Affairs.
  • An email will be sent to the instructor, if the excuse provided by the student was approved only to raise the absence of the academic system.
►Responsible for the Receiving of Excuses
Working Hours
09:00 Am ⇒12:00 Pm
09:00 Am ⇒12:00 Pm
09:00 Am ⇒12:00 Pm
09:00 Am ⇒12:00 Pm
No receiving any excuse
(Unit of academic Student Affairs Meeting for excuses checking and treatment decisions and send result)