Receiving Academic Requests

Committee of receiving academic requests shall to receive applications submitted by students on issues of special circumstances academic operations, and that hinder academic path such as: Delete the course or semester, and remove the deprivation, and Re-enrollment, and request an additional opportunity, and others, and raise demands to related department.
  1. Preparing and designing of the Committee forms.
  2. Receiving requests for removing the deprivation.
  3. Receiving requests for deleting course.
  4. Receiving requests for deleting semester.
  5. Receiving requests for re-enrollment of students who were terminated.
  6. Receiving requests for additional opportunities for students who are academically dismissed.
  7. Receiving requests for final exams excuses.
  8. Arranging and inventorying the requests and report to the concerned.
  1. Mr. Mahmoud Khattab
  2. Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Jamil
  3. Mr. Mohammad Rahmatullah
  4. Mr. Murtaza Ahmed Khan
  5. Mr. Saad Obeid Al Shahrani
Tasks / Procedures
Execution Time
Preparing and designing the committee forms
Mr. Mahmoud Khattab
First week
Receiving requests
Mr. Saad Obeid Al Shahrani
Mr. Mohammad Rahmatullah
Mr. Murtaza Ahmed Khan
Mr. Ahmed Jamil
Eighth week until the nineteenth week from Sunday to Wednesday, and two hours daily for each member to receive applications
Arranging and inventorying of requests
Mr. Mahmoud Khattab
Mr. Ahmed Jamil
When needed by The concerned