About the Unit

The Unit of academic Student Affair represents a key role in supervision on the management of academic affairs for students and follows up their achievement, and helps them to quit all procedures and services related to the unit with ease. In addition to, the unit is a leader in providing high quality services and meticulous, and gain the satisfaction of students and beneficiaries elevate the quality of the educational process.
The Unit of academic Student Affair linked to the Vice Dean, and specifies its chairman by decision of the Dean of the Faculty based on the recommendation of Vice Dean.
  1. Provides all services related to academic affairs for students and follows up its achievement.
  2. Implementation of quality standards in all services provided by the unit.
  3. Development of new mechanisms for the management of all the services provided by the unit with the optimum utilization of technique.
  4. Preparing forms and reports to the unit.
  1. Supervising the implementation of regulations and rules relating to the study and exams regulations of academic affairs for students and follow up their achievement.
  2. Receiving of student cases, arrange and supplement the required data and reviewed and audited and forwarded to the competent committees for consideration.
  3. Preparing of a study time tables (theoretical and practical) and exams schedule in coordination with the departments of the college and the registrar of the college, and then forward it to the Vice Dean to coordinate with other colleges.
  4. Preparing and designing of all forms and announcements of the unit.
  5. Preparing and writing reports on the achievements of the unit through data collection and discharged, classifying, analyzing and extracting the findings and recommendations and reporting them to the concerned authorities.
The Unit of Academic Student Affairs consists of the following committees: