College Administrator

►The College Administrator is associated with the following units:
  • Faculty and Staff Affairs Unit.
  • Dean's Secretariat, vice deans and heads of academic departments.
  • Administrative Communication Unit.
  • College warehouses.
  • College Drivers.
  • Administration staff  and technicians in the faculty.
►The duties of the College Administrator are :
  • Supervising applying of the university administrative and financial regulations.
  • Report all faculty members starting or leaving them to work.
  • Oversee and follow-up of the administrative work of theadministrative units.
  • Supervising the proper functioning and the development of the administrative.
  • Overseeing college purchases.
  • Supervision of thecollege staff requests.
  • Supervising the college's facilities with the relevant authorities and developing plans to follow up on this.
  • Organizing regular vacations for administrative members, technicians, employees and workers.
  • Supervising the distribution of the College offices and coordinating the using of the scientific symposiums halls to enable their proper use.
  • Supervising the attendance and absence records for administrativemembers and technical staff.
  • prepare and equip classrooms.
  • Preparation of the annual report and periodic reports of theadministrative work and its affiliated units.
  • Oversee the financial affairs and the administrative custodiesaccording to the regulations.
Office location
:  Mr. Ali Bin Abdullah Al Shehri
:  103/2/A
:  0172417172 - 0172419540