Student Enrollment:

Student Graduation:
  1. A plan for academic guidance for the academic year has been prepared which includes a set of guiding works, objectives and implementing bodies.
  2. Participate in the new students' day in college
  3. Meeting the new students with the Head of the department and the department's staff, where the following was done:
    • Welcoming the new students through the head of the department Dr. Ayman Ibrahim Qahmash.
    • Introducing a lecture on academic guidance (its concept, importance, objectives) by Dr. Ahmed Said Badawi, the academic advisor in the department
    • Presenting a lecture on some subjects of the study list and tests by Dr. Wadih Gharbi,
    • Welcoming new students through faculty members and ways to communicate with them.
  4. Providing academic and guidance information to students, introducing them to the study system, the study plan, and the importance of academic guidance. Introducing students to how to deal with the university electronic system
  5. Correcting the course of the students, and processing their schedules according to the study plan, taking into account the repetition materials and the level system
  6. Identify students who fail to study the development of appropriate treatments to improve their level, according to the guidelines.
  7. Regular meetings of the academic advisors with their students (activation of the extension mechanism for more than 180 students through 8 Academic Advisor by a guide for every 25 students).
Academic Advisor Committee
Academic Advisor
No. Of Students
Dr. Wadia Garibi              
Dr. Belgasm       
Dr. Jamel Baili   
Mr. Abdul Moty Mahmood
Mr. Abdul Qayyum                         
Mr. Mohamed Rahmathullah
Mr. Syed Jaffar Ali          
Mr. Amir Alrashid            
  • Digital library
  • E-Learning Facility
  • Projects lab
  • Open-Lab
  • Blackboard Services
  • Academic Forum
  • Wi-Fi-Access
  • Career Orientation 
  • Academic Advising Unit
  • Technological training courses
  • Summer Training
  • Poster Day
  • Industry Visit
  • Mini- Project Exhibition
  • Technical Workshops
  • Live Projects Demonstration
  • Computer Science Club