Advisory Board


1. Responsibilities of the Committee
  1. Review the mission and educational objectives of the learning outcomes of the college programs.
  2. Review the academic accreditation procedures and the achievements of the objectives of the educational programs.
  3. Proposing the necessary development of plans and curricula in line with the labor market and reflected on the graduates.
2. Committee Members

External Advisory board Members

Mr. Basim  J Dossary

Supervisor, Advanced Analytics Group , Corporate Applications Department , Saudi Armco

Dr. Sharafudheen M Thrayal

IT system specialist,Armco

Mr.Ahmed Ali Ahmed

Application Development Analyst, Saudi Electric Company and Alumni of King khalid university

Dr.Essa Alhazmi

Vice Dean for research and Developmet, College of CS and IT, Jazan University

Dr Alaa Omer Suliman

Assistant Professor, King Abdelaziz University

Dr Mazin Azaidi

Director of Misk Entrepreneurship

Mr.Sefuvan P

Senior Solution Architect, Saudi Business Machines

Mr. John Bosco

Senior Solution Architect, HCL,India

Prof. Omer Alheyasat

Dean, Al Salt Technical College, Al Balqa Applied university ,Jordon

Prof. K.Chandra Sekaran

Professor, Department of CSE, NIT, Suarthkal,India