Computer Engineering - Abha (CE)

The Department of Computer Engineering which provides the bachelor's program in Computer Engineering was established on 30/04/1426H to serve as the main building block for the Department's programs and to serve the development of the Southern Region.
About bachelor's program in Computer Engineering
The Computer Engineering (CE) department offers a degree program leading to Bachelor in Computer Engineering degree and the program duration is 5 years. The program develops the necessary skills and competence required to design and implement computer systems in general and embedded systems in particular. 
  • The CE is the discipline concerned with the design, analysis, modeling and implementation of computers and networks systems. 
  • Both the software and the hardware aspects of these systems are taught in a balanced and coherent manner. 
  • This program at KKU provides a comprehensive coverage of a wide range of CE subjects such as hardware design, operating systems, real-time systems, microprocessor based systems, embedded hardware and software as well as VLSI technology.
  • In fact Embedded System is a fast-growing, challenging and rapidly expanding area of modern technology. Its impact and potential are increasingly evident in devices used in commerce, industry, instrumentation, healthcare, entertainment, science and robotics. This makes the embedded system very important field in CE program.
  • Embedded systems are often placed inside equipment that is expected to operate continuously for years without any user intervention. This implies that these systems should be robust and be able to recover by themselves if an error occurs.  Therefore it is essential that the incorporated software is carefully designed and tested more rigorously than that for personal computers.
  • An embedded systems designer needs to be a multidisciplinary engineer with software programming skills and a broad background in electronic engineering. They must know how to implement procedures to control the target system effectively.
  • Another important element in an embedded systems engineer’s career is the ability to manage projects of various complexities and this is what the program focuses on through three basic materials concerned with the management of projects and design and implementation.
  • On the other hand, network engineering is an important field in all organizations, institutions and companies. Therefore, the program is interested in covering this important area with more than one article concerned with the analysis and design and security of networks.
Why Computer Engineering?
  • Due to the widespread use of embedded devices in consumer goods, medical equipment, transportation, communication and industrial tools, there is a significant shortage of skilled manpower in embedded systems of engineering sectors and hence the graduates are likely to be employed in a diverse range of industries with a salary above the average for traditional engineers.
  • Due to the widespread use of computer networks in all organizations, institutions and companies, it is likely that graduates will be hired in this specialization with attractive salaries.