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Welcome to the Department of Information Systems at King Khalid University. As we embark on the current uprising of Information Technology market, robust factual knowledge of computing along with associated business skills are properly merged in the I.S. program to equip the graduate by highly demanded competency. The department of Information Systems (IS) at King Khalid University is committed to provide quality higher education that reflects a qualified IS graduates in both academic and professional fields.

Moreover, academic research comes at the top priority of IS department as it involves distinctive faculty performance able to cope with new and emerging technologies and properly orient the future and the enhancements of the program. The I.S department is maintaining high-quality standards that comply with the National Qualification Framework to guarantee good professional insertion rate of the program graduates in local and regional IT market.

The department is enthusiastic about having its students involved in constructive training programs as well as extra-curricular activities such as athletics and arts. The department is also anxious to offer an energetic academic environment for students, faculty, and staff that boosts creativity and innovation.








General Specialization
Graduation University
Graduation Date
Office location
:  Dr. Ali Ayed Algarni
:  Head of Department
:  Assistant Professor
:  Computing and Information Systems
:  Human Computer Interaction, Computational Cognition, Data Analytics
:  University of North Carolina at Charlotte
:  May 2022
:  B13-2-26
:  8669