Students Projects


Project Title Supervisor
Production control system
Dr. Arshi/Ms. Amani
Hawa: online breast cancer treatment & awareness
Dr. Amirah  
Assisting children with learning disabilities
Dr. Amirah/ Ms. Najla
Online lab management
Dr. Areej/ Ms. Ohood
Find your design
Dr. Areej/ Ms. Ohood
Virtual library
Dr. Amirah/Ms. Asma
Dr Amirah/Ms. Asma
Productive families website
Dr. Nada
Saudi events website
Dr. Nada/ Ms. Amani
Educational resources for kku is/cs department information system
Dr. Nada/Ms. Kholoud J.
Knowledge based system for bariatric surgery
Dr. Anandi/Ms. Najla
Reviving the heritage: incredible aseer
Dr. Arshi/ Ms. Amani
Student automation system using qr-code
Dr. Arshi/ Ms. Najla
Online catchy kids accessories system
Dr. Nausher/Ms. Kholoud J.
Driving license system for women in ksa
Dr. Nauser/ Dr. Sarah
Abha online super cleaners
Dr. Arshi/ Ms. Najla
Tweet linguistic
Dr. Areej/ Ms. Ohood
Mobile App to deliver bottled water
Dr. Naim/Ms. Wejdan
Safe Market system
Dr. Naim/Ms. Wejdan
Online Beauty Salon
Dr. Naim/Ms. Wejdan
Project system in KKU
Dr. Rashid/ Ms. Asma
Alzheimer system
Dr. Rashid/ Ms. Asma
Sign Language Translator
Dr. Fahad/Ms. Kholoud G.
BabyCare: An informational app to help mother bring up healthy babies
Dr. Usman/Ms. Kholoud G
Online Food Ordering Portal
Dr. Usman/ Ms. Kholoud G.
Loan Prediction system
Prof. JalelAkachi
Sales Prediction system
Prof. JalelAkaichi
A system of translating text to image
Dr. KhalidMohiuddin
Prison management systems
Dr. KhalidMohiuddin
Online women driving license management system
Dr. Usman Ahmed
Bank services application system
Dr. KhalidMohiuddin
Event Management System
Dr. Usman Ahmed
GPS Application to find lost pilgrim (Hajj)
Dr. Rashid Hussain
Read Paper for Blind People
Dr. Mohammed AlSaqer
Student Course Registration System- 3D Location sketch
Dr. Rashid Hussain
Zakat Management System
Dr. Nawsher Khan
Development of My Shop Designed For Mobile Devices
Dr. Naim Ahmad
Automated Patient Identification Using Fingerprint
Dr. Rashid Hussain