Admission Rules and Regulations

An applicant for admission to a Bachelor in Information Systems program at King Khalid University must satisfy the following minimum requirements:
1- The applicant should have a Saudi Arabian Nationality or a Saudi Arabian mother or who gets exception from the university internal policies or national            interests.
2- The applicant should have his/her high school certificate or an equivalent certificate from inside or outside Saudi Arabia.
3- The applicant should obtain the secondary school certificate, or its equivalent, in a period of less than five years prior to his/her application. However                the University Council may waive this condition if the applicant has a persuasive explanation.
4- The applicant should have a certificate of good conduct.
5- The applicant should clear the two exams for admission in any university degree program. One exam tests the aptitude and other for the assessment               of subject competency. It is administered by the National Assessment Center for Higher Education in a large number of centers across the                               Kingdom.
                  a- The aptitude test (Qiyas) determines the general capabilities of students in Mathematics and Linguistics.
                  b- The comprehensive or subject test (Tahsili) evaluates the student's knowledge and ability in English and Sciences studied throughout the                                High School curriculum.
6- After the completion of Preparatory Year course (of 1 year) the program demands a prerequisite GPA of 3 (Out of 5) to continue the further studies.
7- The applicant must be medically fit.
8- The applicant must obtain the approval of his/her employer, if he/she is an employee in any government or private institution.
9- The applicant must satisfy any other requirements specified by the University Council at the time of application
10- The applicant should have the secondary school certificate, or its equivalent, as majored in natural or technological sciences.
11- The applicant should not have been a former student of King Khalid University, or have been dropped out, dismissed, or expelled from King Khalid                  University or another university.
12- The applicant must submit the required documents to the University within a specified period or else his admission will be cancelled.
13- All the students admitted will be provided with the booklet mentioning their academic and non-academic rights and responsibilities. They are                            supposed to read them and consult with their academic advisor for any clarity deemed.
14- The scholarship application for the non-Saudi nationals (internal or external) will be governed under the same university rules and regulation.