Graduation Requirements



Course Requirements

The curriculum of Computer Science program has a total of 152 credits that span 50 courses. The students are given the freedom of scheduling their courses and the credit load varies from semester to semester. The curriculum of computer science program is summarized in the study plan. Note that the total Credit Hours of a course includes lecture and laboratory units.

Capstone courses

Students are required to complete project-1(483 COMPUTER SCIENCEM-2) and project-2 (484 COMPUTER SCIENCEM-3) in 9th and 10th semester respectively. These courses prepare graduates to practice real-time implementation and thereby meeting national, social and religious needs. The Computer Science graduates gain the experience of applying learned theoretical concepts to applications by undertaking these project-based courses as part of COMPUTER SCIENCE curriculum. The final year project is one of the primary methodologies used by the program to provide our students an opportunity to gain experience of making practical of what they have been learning for past four years. The two phases of project (Project1 and Project2) provides the first exposure for them to computer software development practice. This project phases make our students practice all the design and development aspects of software development process. Since the Final Year project identifies students by their software and application development capability, we use this capstone experience as one of the important measures to assess the program.

Student graduates after successfully completing all graduation requirements according to the Bachelor in Computer Sciences study plan, provided that his/her cumulative GPA is not less than 2.0. If the student has passed the required courses but his/her cumulative GPA is low, the College Council, on the basis of the recommendations of the council of the department concerned, is entitled to specify the appropriate courses that the student must complete in order to improve his/her GPA. Following points are ensured before the issuance of the degree certificate:

  1. Students have to review their study plan to follow up to complete all its requirements before graduation.
  2. The Admission and Registration Deanship reviews all student records to make sure that the student has completed all requirements for graduation.
  3. The Admission and Registration Deanship sends to the University Council information containing student’s lists of candidates for graduate; and in the first university council after the final examination each semester, including the summer semester.
  4. A student who receives incomplete grade or who are allowed to make-up exam in one or more courses in the last level of the study plan or similar cases that can fulfill the requirement are also included in the list of graduates.
  5. Graduation certificate is given to each graduate in Arabic and English languages, which explains: full name, place, and date of birth, college, specialization, and degree obtained upon graduation and status. It is signed by the dean of admissions and registration and stamped by the university.