Admission Rules and Regulations

Freshman Admission to the Bachelor program in computer engineering 

Admission of freshmen in the Bachelor program in computer engineering is made by The University Council to determine the number of students to be admitted for the upcoming academic year on the basis of the recommendations presented by the College of computer science Council and the department of computer engineering.
The Department of Computer Engineering is practicing student-centric pedagogy for teaching  and learning process in the specialization of Computer Engineering. The Department admits the students for a Bachelor program in Computer Engineering as per the KKU admission policy. Information about the admission eligibility criteria and  procedure are available to the students and the public on the University website. The Deanship of Admissions and Registration and the Deanship of Student Affairs involve in developing, monitoring, implementing and following up the admission services.

For admission to the computer engineering program, the student must satisfy the following requirements

1. He should have a Saudi secondary school certificate, or its equivalent, and majored in natural or technological sciences.
2. He is required to take an entrance exam, which consists of an aptitude test, and subject test administered by the National Assessment Center for Higher Education in a large number of centers across the Kingdom.
   a. The aptitude test has two components: Mathematics and Linguistics. The test is aimed at determining the general capabilities of students in the two areas mentioned above.
   b. The subject test is an objective type multiple-choice test given in five subjects,i.e., Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. The objective of this examination is to evaluate the student's knowledge and ability in English and Science.
3.  After the completion of Preparatory Year course (of 1 year) the program demands a prerequisite GPA of 3 (Out of 5) to continue the further studies .
Admission to King Khalid University is highly competitive.  Applicants are granted admission to the maximum allowed intake in accordancewith an overall evaluation on the basis oftheir academic record and the entrance examinations. The program is offered in the traditional and e-learning mode. The e-learning courses are handled both in blended and fully blended streams. All the admitted students are provided with E-learning training. All the offering courses are framed as per the guidelines of the NQF. The unit of academic advising provides the necessary guidelines to the students for selecting their subject after the verification of subject pre-request and according to his academic record. The online academic record from the registration module shows the student credit of their completed and remaining courses. The complete details about the program requirements, services and relevant information are provided to the admitted students in the students manual and LMS in addition to the student orientation. Deanship of Students Affairs facilitates and implements all the student services which are offered by the university.