Graduation Requirements

  1. A student graduates after successfully completing the graduation requirements according to the degree plan, provided his cumulative GPA are both not less than 2.0 out of 5.0.
  2. If the student has passed the required courses, but his cumulative GPA is low, the College Council, on the basis of the recommendations of the council of the department concerned, is entitled to specify the appropriate courses that the student must complete in order to improve his GPA
  • a. Student should pass summer training in the external fields.
  • b. Student should pass the Project which is a one year course divided into two semesters

 Award of Degree

  1. Must not have failed in any course at the University, he currently attends or any other University.
  2. Must have completed all graduation requirements within duration ranging between the maximum limits for completing the program of study.
  3. Must have completed 60% or more of the graduation requirements at the University from which he graduates.

Summer Training

Each student must undergo a practical training for a period of 6 weeks after the sixth semester of the course in an industry/organization to increase students’ practical skills, prepares them for initial employment, and increases occupational awareness and professionalism. Before enrolling, each student must obtain a consent letter from   a company/ organization showing   that the company/ organization agrees to permit the student to undergo a practical training for a period of six weeks in their establishment and they will cooperate, with the university with regards to arrange the training and also to allocate a supervisor to the student during his stay with the organization. Upon completion of the training, the student must submit a letter from the company/organization describing the satisfactorily completion of the training, along with a final report from the student duly approved by the company supervisor and the KKU supervisor. The practical training does not carry any credit. However satisfactory completion of the training is a prerequisite for registering the final year project work at the 9th level.


Dismissal from the University will occur in the following situations [Article 20]:

  1. A student will be dismissed if he obtains a maximum of three consecutive academic  probations as the result of his cumulative GPA being less than 2.00 out of 5.0 following  the recommendation of the college council may allow the student a fourth opportunity to improve his cumulative GPA by taking additional courses.
  2. A student will be dismissed if he fails to complete the graduation requirements within (12) academic semesters.