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   It is a great pleasure for me to talk about the Department of Computer Engineering. This department is a pioneer in the field of technological development where you find our graduates everywhere to cultivate hope and build the future. They are designing devices and tools for well-being humanity or solving problems for the society.

  Computer engineering deals with the basics of electronic engineering and the principles of computer science to form an indispensable understanding of the computer as a blended physical and software entity. The curriculum is designed to cover four main areas: computing, hardware, embedded systems, and computer networks. Computer engineering development is rapidly changing in its techniques and methods. Therefore the department is in the process of self-evaluation of the current curriculum to explore new trends in the field like hardware security, security of embedded systems and Internet of things at both bachelor and master levels. As a computer engineer, you are required in any place where there is a computer, whether it is used for public or private purposes. You are required in all areas and all places where you find information technology, computer networks, embedded or intelligent systems. Academic development and continuous improvement is a very important pillar of our work in the department, so the bachelor program applied for both local and international academic accreditations. The program has been accredited by ABET and NCAAA accreditation. As a department, we have to keep up to date in knowledge and seek excellence at the curriculum level and the quality and performance level. Our ambition is to make the department of computer engineering an important building block of the ambitious technological construction of the Kingdom and a tool to solve problems for the society by developing devices and equipment that pleased the humanity and wish to share this success with you.

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Ali Abdulrahman Mohammed AlShehri
Head of the Department
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