The department of Information Systems was established in 1421 H based on the Higher Education Council resolution No 15/8/1420 dated 01/02/1420 and approval of Royal Decree No 7/4096/B dated 14/03/1420 H. The department aims to qualify students to occupy the professional positions that lead the process of devotement of information systems in different sectors.  Furthermore, the department aims at teaching and learning from the viewpoint of computer science starting from the systems analysis and design to the systems implementation.
The program was established to meet the rapidly growing market needs for highly skilled IS specialists. The IS program is designed to graduate students in Information Systems within the learning domain of Computer Science. This contributes in the achievement of some social, cultural, and economic aspects inline to the guidelines of Ministry of Education as a whole; with coherence to the national policy of development at large. The program is widely-designed in the Computer Science domain and emphasizes on Information Systems' development. It covers the technological domain of business requirements; focuses on the analytical needs of business in accordance to the real-time challenges. The curriculum is framed to produce skilled graduates, proficient of taking the organizational tasks as effective professionals; equipped with the potential of independent entrepreneur. Graduates from IS program will have various career opportunities in the information systems field and IT industry.