Program Overview

Postgraduate diploma (PG) is designed to meet the demand for cyber security professionals in government, law enforcement, and industry. The course engages with, and provides a pathway for, information technology professionals seeking to commence or further progress their careers in the cyber security domain. It is also relevant to those seeking to enter the IT profession who have no previous experience in the cyber discipline. Cyber security is a multidisciplinary field that targets students with diverse background, including Computer Science, Information Systems, Information technology, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of cryptographic algorithms and fundamentals of cyber security to protect computer systems.
  • Apply the principles and practices of cyber security management, and to carry out the forensics process in computers systems.
  • Communicate effectively with a variety of audiences.
  • Demonstrate management skills by planning, implementing, evaluating and communicating technical solutions within a broad range of cyber security focused scenarios.
  • Practice the profession in accordance with ethical and legal constraints.
  • Analyze the system before, during and after attacks occurrences.
  • Not Applicable
8 Core Courses

One Years (2 Semesters)