Program Overview

With the aim to extract knowledge and insights from data, this program offers students with hands on skills for data wrangling, analysis, and visualization. Through advanced machine learning techniques and Big Data processing, students will advance through this program to achieve their potentials in the field of data science. 
  • Identify appropriate statistical and analytical techniques to discover and deliver new insights to target problems.
  • Develop data analytical applications and computational solutions to data analytic platform.
  • Apply data science as multifaceted discipline of critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Survey and assess various data analytical tools to support decision-making.
  • Apply domain knowledge to deliver business or scientific focused analysis of opportunities and suggest techniques for organization process optimization.
  • Interpret and apply a professional code of ethics relevant to data science research and profession.
  • Data Analytics and Engineering
  • Business Analytics
8 Core Courses
4 Elective Courses
Capstone Project

Two Years (4 Semesters)