Chairman's Message

Welcome to the Department of Information Systems at King Khalid University. As we embark on the current uprising of Information Technology, robust factual knowledge of computing along with associated business skills have never been as needed. The department of Information Systems (IS) at King Khalid University is committed to providing quality higher education that should reflect on qualified IS graduates in terms of academic knowledge and practical skills. Moreover, academic research comes as a top priority for our department as it should enhance the ability of faculty members to cope with new findings especially that we’re associated with a field where every second matters. In its pursuit for a high accreditation, the department strictly maintains high standards of quality in accordance with the National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment as the official reference for such matters. In addition, the department maintains high standards of international organization such as ABET, for which the application has been submitted. The department is enthusiastic about having its students involved in constructive training programs as well as extracurricular activities such as athletics and arts. All this and much more make our department an energetic academic environment for students, staff, and faculty.


Mohammad Alsaqer, Ph.D.

Head of Department