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 Program Educational Objectives

PEO - 1

Have demonstrated the aptitude of analyzing and solving complex technical problems from a broad perspective of computer networks and communications engineering.

PEO - 2

Foster personal and organizational Success, Business, Societal, and regulatory issues with Quality Commitment and Critical thinking.

PEO - 3

A leader and collaborative team member within an interdisciplinary professional environment.

PEO - 4

Continue education, research and innovation to sustain professional growth.

PEO - 5

Contribute to community service while maintaining professional ethical conduct.


Mapping between Program Educational Objectives (PEO's) and  Student Learning Outcomes(SLO's)

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
SLO-a To recognize the knowledge of mathematics and basic sciences used for computer networks and communications engineering.        
SLO-j To define contemporary issues for designing, securing and implementing computer networks and communications systems.      
Cognitive skills
SLO-e To identify, formulate and solve problems of computer networks and communications engineering using mathematics, basic sciences, and engineering concepts.        
SLO-b To prepare and conduct engineering experiments, analyze specific requirements in order to provide optimal solutions.        
SLO-c To design required network/service/system/process that meets specific needs using realistic constraints and devices/tools in computer networks and communications engineering context.      
SLO-h To summarize the impact of computer networks and communications engineering on both economics and society levels.      
SLO-k To develop the ability to handle modern tools and acquire the needed competency in computer networks and communications engineering.      
Interpersonal skills and responsibility
SLO-d To provide effective results either individually or within teams.        
SLO-f To act professionally and ethically and show the impact of liability issues when handling computer networks and communications engineering projects.      
SLO-i To show the need for and engage in life-long learning and information literacy for science and network engineering/technology.        
Communication, information technology and numerical skills SLO-g To be able to communicate effectively.        



Program Tree:

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Student Enrollment and Graduation Statistics

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