Wrap-up of Computer Science activities this year


In wrap-up of its activities this year, the Computer Science Club has held a celebration attended by Dr.Nasser Tairan, interim dean and current vice-dean of development and quality assurance of the college. Former dean Dr.Abdullah Al Rabba as well as departments' chairs, were among the crowd that witnessed the event along with a substantial selection of faculty members and actively involved students. The ceremony was started by reciting some verses of the Holy Quran followed by a speech given by Mr.Mofareh Alqahtani, head of extracurricular activities at the college, during which he welcomed the distinguished guests. In his speech, Mr.Alqahtani emphasized the importance of extracurricular activities as he also expressed his appreciation to all those who had supported holding such events. Mr.Alqahtani has also encouraged all students to join the club so they could make use of services it provides. Afterwards, the audience watched a brief documentary about what the club has come up with during this academic year which exceeded 50 activity. Students also took part in the ceremony through a speech given by the club secretary Khalid Alnimer. Just after that, the anthem of the Computer Science Club went off. At the end of the ceremony, the honorable dean delivered his speech during which he complimented the head of extracurricular activities, secretary of the club, and all other participant for the outstanding job they did during this academic year. Finally, rewards were handed off to some students and faculty members associated with extracurricular activities just before everybody went to enjoy dinner to remark of the celebration. 

College of Computer Science represented in its members and students would like to raise congratulations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques (King Salman), His Crown Prince and all the Saudi people on the occasion of Saudi National day. Calling the Lord to perpetuate our country's security, stability, and to keep our leaders and governors and enjoy them health and wellness.
The Faculty of Computer Science represented by the Committee of Relations and Media held a farewell party for the departing faculty members on Wednesday, 24/5/2017, conciliator 28/8/1438 AH. The ceremony was opened by the head of the Committee, Mr. Mohammed Mobasher. Then it was followed by a speech presented by the Dean, HE Dr. Nasser Tairan, in which he thanked the attendees and leaving members on their efforts on behalves of the college and university administration. Then, at 12:30 pm, all attendees went to lunch at Faculty university Restaurant. The Media Committee thanks HE college dean for his continuous support and the management of food and nutrition for the proper hospitality and university relations for the souvenirs and all the attendees for their interaction and all who contributed to the success of this brief ceremony.
Employees and faculty of the college of Computer Science congratulate His Excellency Dr. Nasser Al-Tiran, Dean of the Computer Science college, on the occasion of his promotion to the rank Associate Professor. We all wish him further progress and success.
Employees and faculty of the college of Computer Science congratulate His Excellency Dr. Abdulmohsen Al-Qarni, Dean of the Admission and Registration and member of the faculty of Computer Science Department, on the occasion of his promotion to the rank Associate Professor. We all wish him further progress and success.
The College of Computer Science would like to express its appreciation to Mr.Yasser Al Mashour and Dr.Anandi for the outstanding job they did over the past period while in office. In the meantime, as order of the honorable rector is being received, the college would like to welcome and congratulate both Dr.Ouissem Ben Henia for being appointed as head of Department of Information Systems, and Dr. Sarah Hani Abu Ghazala for being appointed as coordinator of the same particular department at the female section of Computer Science college.