E-Learning Unit

Is one of the units in Computer Science College which provides e-learning services to the college members (Academic staff, employees and students).  E-learning Unit works under the supervision of his Excellency Vice Dean for Development and Quality.

Unit Tasks:

    •    Set the policies and the plans of e-learning in the college and observe the results.
    •    Provides the college needs, such as: supportive and the training sessions.
    •    Provides the support and counseling for the faculty members in the optimal activation of the practices of e-learning.
    •    Support and follow-up the e-content and its initiative to shift to the electronic approach of courses in the college.
    •    Manage the e-learning unit website by enhancing, developing, and updating the content.

Members of the unit of e-learning:


E-learning Services:

•   Training.


•   Support.


•   Video Conference Room Booking.


•   Counseling.


Contact E-learning Unit:

You can contact our Helpdesk service through:

Office: 32/2/A

Phone Ext. : 7157

Email: elucs@ekku.edu.sa