Chairman's Message

Computer Engineering is a field that combines Electrical/Electronic Engineering disciplines with in-depth knowledge in Computer Science topics. The course is structured such a way that the student is   trained as a problem solver who understands both the hardware and software aspects of computers and who can design and implement solutions on hardware/software applications. Computer engineers are employed in design, development and manufacturing of systems ranging from wide range of growing industries associated with communications, control, signal processing and microelectronics, from intelligent vehicle systems to information security, from telecommunications to medical instrumentation, from consumer electronics to space-based systems, from microprocessors to supercomputers to MP3 players, from the design of integrated circuits to development of computer-vision capabilities. Computer Engineering degree course provides students with challenging hands-on experiences through a broad and rigorous curriculum that includes exposure to multiple programming languages and development tools in software courses, practical labs featuring up-to-date equipments in hardware courses, and coverage of  advanced areas like Real time and Embedded systems, Microcontrollers and programming, Robotics, Integrated circuits and VLSI design,Digital signal processing, and Software engineering. All students participate in a Final year project that culminates their studies.  Each student need to undergo an industrial training program for a period of seven weeks in Saudi Arabia or abroad in order to expose them in the industrial practices and environments during Summer vacation. The department is  accredited by ABET and is in the process of applying for   national accreditation NCAAA.

  • Dr Mohammad Alshamri
  • Chairman
  • Department of computer engineering
  • Telephone +966172417723 (off)